• Did you have a happy childhood?
  • What did you like to do when you were a child?
  • What did you look like?
  • Where were you born?
  • When were you born?
  • Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  • What was your favorite subject? Why?
  • What was your favorite game?
  • Do you remember anything about your personality when a child?
  • Were you good at making friends?
  • What were some embarrassing situations when you were a child?
  • Were you a good student?
  • What did you like about school?
  • What did you dislike about school?
  • Who was your best friend??
  • Were your parents super protective?
  • Did you play on the streets?
    • Was it dangerous to play in the streets?
    • What kind of things did you do in the streets?
    • Did you ever have an accident while playing in the streets? What happened?
  • When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be? Did you want to be a mother or father? A firefighter? A doctor? A scientist?
  • Can you remember specific things from your childhood clearly?
    • How old were you at the time of your first memories?
  • What kind of food did your like?
    • Did you used to eat anything or were you a picky eater?
    • What foods did you like eating?
    • What foods didn’t you like to eat?
    • Did you have any foods you hated?
  • What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
  • What was your worst punishment as a child?
  • Where did you grow up? Did you move frequently? If so, why?
  • Who took care of you when you were little? A parent? A grandparent? A nanny? A daycare center?
  • How are you similar to your parents? How are you different?
  • Describe the first memory you have of going to school.
  • Do you think children today eat too much fast food and don’t play enough sports?
  • What childhood diseases did you have?
  • Did you have any nickname? Tell us about it.
  • Were you afraid of anything? What?
  • What were your favorite cartoons and TV shows?







*Social pressure:
-Schools force them to take many subjects.
-Parents force them to practice new sports or to learn music.
-Even their playmates force them to become better at computer games or to read Harry Potter novels faster.
*Adults have many skills:
-They can organise their learning by setting times for reading or practice.
-They can build on skills and experiences they know already.
-Motivation can often be higher than a child’s.
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