T7B, GILLIAN,17.6.22


3rd Sunday of June

This year Father´s Day will be celebrated on the 19th of June 2022


Happy Father's Day Quotes, Messages, Status & Wishes: Heart-warming quotes to send your dad


(1) What  springs to mind when you hear the word ‘father’?
(2) Can you describe your father in one word? Why that word?
(3) Did your father use to spend a lot of time with you when you were a child?
(4) Do you always buy your father a present on Father’s Day?
(5) What do you think is the hardest thing about being a father?
(6) In what ways do you take after your father?
(7) What is the best piece of advice your father has ever given you?
(8) Is your father more like a father or a best friend?
(9) Should fathers stay at home to look after the children?
(10) What do you think of Father’s Day? Is it necessary?











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